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Food Service Consultancy

We provide food service consultancy services nationwide along with our equipment and service partners we have the solutions to your operational issues.

Helping Restaurants Become Profitable

Profit Focused Consulting

Contractchefs.ie, headquartered in Dublin, is a comprehensive national restaurant consulting firm, catering to all 32 counties of Ireland.

Our services encompass Fast Casual, Fine Dining, Casual Dining, and Hotel food service establishments.

We possess the requisite know-how for effective Restaurant Start-Ups, Restaurant Revitalization, Profit Enhancement, and Franchise Advancement.

Restaurant Revitalization

Existing food service operations

Each restaurant operation presents its unique array of challenges. Our restaurant revitalization programs are meticulously tailored to address your specific hurdles.

The corrective process we employ may encompass the following steps:

    1. Collaboratively establish clear, measurable goals and objectives with the client.
    2. Methodically identify opportunities for improvement.
    3. Strategically develop a comprehensive plan for rectification.
    4. Implement efficient systems and procedures to enact corrective measures.
    5. Provide training and coaching for key personnel.
    6. Establish a streamlined process for delegation of responsibilities.
    7. Continuously measure and track the progress and improvements achieved.

Our approach is driven by precision and a commitment to achieving your desired outcomes

Optimizing Financial Returns

Our commitment is to enhance our client’s situation.

Every restaurant possesses untapped potential for success. Our primary aim is to pinpoint opportunities within your establishment that promise a significant return on investment. We collaborate closely with our clients and their teams to ensure not only success but also an uplift in profitability.

Furthermore, we will address any operational or financial inefficiencies that may be hindering the realization of your financial goals.


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